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Must we have the digital vs. print battle?

Gabrielle E. Miller – “I lead a national children’s literacy nonprofit organization, so it is not surprising that two recent book industry developments caught my attention: Barnes & Noble’s efforts to digitize 1,000 children’s titles and the use of digital library kiosks in a few locations around the United States. People frequently ask me what I think about digital books for children. Somewhere in the question is the usual implication that one is good and the other is bad – a question that is not really information seeking, but rather a request for validation from someone who has already taken sides in the upcoming ‘battle’ of digital vs. print in children’s literature.”

2 Responses to “Must we have the digital vs. print battle?”

  1. rcn
    November 8, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    This is an excellent point. What about the concept of coexisting? Or maybe balance? I never understood why we had to pick between the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, between the glass being half full or half empty (it’s both at the same time!), and now, between eBooks or print books.

    RCN in San Francisco Bay Area


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