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Steal this book: The loan arranger

The Economist – “AMAZON.COM says soon you will be allowed to lend out electronic books purchased from the Kindle Store. For a whole 14 days. Just once, ever, per title. If the publisher allows it. Not mentioned is the necessity to hop on one foot whilst reciting the Gettysburg Address in a falsetto. An oversight, I’m sure. Barnes & Noble’s Nook has offered the same capability with identical limits since last year. Both lending schemes are bullet points in a marketing presentation, so Amazon is adding its feature to keep parity. Allowing such ersatz lending is a pretence by booksellers. They wish you to engage in two separate hallucinations. First, that their limited licence to read a work on a device or within software of their choosing is equivalent to the purchase of a physical item. Second, that the vast majority of e-books are persistent objects rather than disposable culture.”

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One Response to “Steal this book: The loan arranger”

  1. Simon Reed | Training
    November 8, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    Consumers won’t be tricked. None of the saved costs have been passed on to us yet. E-reading is convenient in many ways, but that doesn’t justify the draconian licensing at the same cost of a book you can give away. (to charity, a library, a student, a friend)

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