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New books jump off the page with digital enhancements

USATODAY – “Now even print books are getting into the digital act. When The Search for WondLa, the start of a fantasy trilogy for kids starring a 12-year-old girl raised by a robot on an alien planet, is published today, it will include three symbols that link to digital maps of the girl’s quest for other humans. Readers with a webcam can see 3-D interactive maps of the girl’s search. Readers without a webcam but access to the Internet can link to a regular map and a video.”

One Response to “New books jump off the page with digital enhancements”

  1. Ryan
    September 21, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Good to here the children who can afford web cams will be spared the hassle of using their imaginations.

    Additionally, a few years from now these books will provide children with a valuable lesson in what a 404 error message means.

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