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East Hampton Village Board nixes library expansion

NYPOST – “East Hampton Village’s quiet library is providing the hamlet’s loudest controversy. In a decision that some are ripping as elitist and exclusionary, the tony village’s zoning board last week rejected a bid to expand the enclave’s tiny Main Street building by roughly 6,000 square feet. Livid library officials say the board rejected the project to avoid having children from less sparkling areas of East Hampton Town pour into an inviting new facility. “The old guard is scared that the Latino kids and their parents from Springs are going to invade their precious downtown area,” said one seething library source. “It’s really that simple.”

One Response to “East Hampton Village Board nixes library expansion”

  1. Edana
    August 6, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    Back when Southampton College was proposed, it was also opposed by the have-muches behind the hedges. I distinctly remember them saying, “If we educate the children of the working class, who will cut our lawns?”

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