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Gossip Girl-inspired books returned to public library

Orlando Sentinel – “A Longwood mom who refused to return four Gossip Girl-inspired library books because she objected to their content took them back to the public library Thursday. Tina Harden, who had withheld the books since the fall of 2008 to keep young readers from seeing them, said she returned them not because of criticism she received but because she had made people aware of the issue through media attention.”

One Response to “Gossip Girl-inspired books returned to public library”

  1. Dan Kleinman
    May 12, 2010 at 9:13 am #

    Regarding Gossip Girl books, see:

    Young Adult Fiction: Wild Things,” by Naomi Wolf, The New York Times, 12 March 2006.

    Racy Reading; Gossip Girl Series is Latest Installment in Provocative Teen Fiction, and It’s As Popular As It Is Controversial,” by Linda Shrieves, The Orlando Sentinel, 6 August 2005.

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