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In Google Book Case, a Request for More Time – “The parties to the Google book settlement, which would legalize the creation of a vast library of digital books, have asked the judge overseeing a revision of the agreement for an extension to this Friday, Nov. 13.”

One Response to “In Google Book Case, a Request for More Time”

  1. Eden Eliszabeth Mountbatten-Lim
    November 11, 2009 at 6:01 am #

    NPR reviewed a book in which Sergei Brin co-owner of Google, asked his lawyer to come up with a contract to sell his soul to the Devil. Brin’s soul. Must have been one convoluted contract, the kind Google is trying to put over on the world, for the rights to sell all the books ever written and all the books not yet published (like my stolen copyrights). I was waiting for a hero.. then Rupert Murdoch stood up and said We’re not taking this anymore, telling Goog he would be suing for copyright infringement… MY HERO!
    I was thinking of a cartoon for the New Yorker contest, Brin is being interviewed on a late night show about his soul contract. The host waves the contract asking You didn’t really mean this did you? In the next breath he announces, let’s see what our next guest Rupert Murdoch has to say about that!
    I know Mr. Murdoch’s been called a lot of things but he’s calling Brin on his convoluted thefts, he’s saying the buck stops here. He’s saying the emperor has no clothes and We will survive indeed. It’s a wake up call people. EM

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