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For Web Search, the Time Is Now

Beta News – “Real-time functionality has been the holy grail for Internet search engines in a world that seems gripped by an information speed addiction. Soon the major players will be able to deliver up-to-the-second results gleaned from tweets, Facebook updates and a plethora of other sources for users obsessed with what’s happening right now.”

One Response to “For Web Search, the Time Is Now”

  1. Greg Martin
    November 2, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

    Real-time search functionality is important, but more importantly users want the most relevant information delivered at the right time by the right vehicle. We have a way to go, but search companies like, TipTop Technologies at, are starting to create social search tools which enable a dynamic social network of contextually relevant content and people to converge around topics searched on, so that the user either gets the information needed or can interact with the people who can help them find whatever is on the top of their minds.

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