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Ed secretary: judge teachers on how students do

The Associated Press – “Teachers should be judged on student performance, though not solely on test scores, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Monday. Duncan supports merit pay for teachers, an often controversial practice linking raises or bonuses to student achievement. It is opposed by many teachers' union members, who make up a powerful segment of the Democratic Party.”

One Response to “Ed secretary: judge teachers on how students do”

  1. Kate
    June 9, 2009 at 6:40 am #

    I find the idea of teacher’s pay being based on student performance/achievement abominable! As a teacher, I have students who refuse to do any work on the principle that it is work and that they actually have to think. I teach in an affluent area, but my school is one of the poorest in the area. Many of my students have come from inner city schools, get free and reduced lunch, do not have homes nor support systems in which to help them thrive and be successful. Some days, it is just a chore to get students to come to class. School is not just about learning what is in a book, but it is also gaining life experiences and learning how to conduct oneself in the “real” world. I hope that as I have shared my knowledge and experience with at least 150 students per school year for the past 16 years, that they have taken some of what I shared and have been able to apply it to their own life’s experiences.

    That is what teaching is about.

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