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The Wasilla Public Library Before Sarah Palin

Book Patrol – “Remember the storm surrounding Sarah Palin and her book banning crusade at the Wasilla Public Library. It turned out to be one of the bigger issues of her campaign.

20 years before Palin thrust the Wasilla Public Library into the national spotlight Edith Olson wrote a book The Library and I. A History of the first twenty-five years of the Wasilla Public Library.”

One Response to “The Wasilla Public Library Before Sarah Palin”

  1. DEO
    April 30, 2009 at 4:36 am #

    I DO remember that! It was huge.
    Later she brought back into attentin by saying I NEVER TRIED TO BAN HARRY POTTER BOOKS. No, she didn´t, she tried to pull books explaining homosexuality.
    We will protect ALL our books, and be wary of people that sandbag or do anything to jeopardize the sacred…INFORMATION.

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