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D.C. Libraries: Homeless Shelters No More?

Raw Fisher – “Among all the troubles that plague Washington’s libraries, the #1 reason many people steer clear of the places is that they have been permitted to become de facto day centers for the homeless, many of whom find the libraries a convenient and all too welcoming places to get warm, sleep and pass the hours before their next treacherous night on the streets.”

One Response to “D.C. Libraries: Homeless Shelters No More?”

  1. Tyrone Biggs
    February 2, 2009 at 11:00 pm #

    I would hope that a public library is ok for anyone to go into and get warm or just go in period. Why does a social plague have any bearing.Maybe the money allocated for the homeless should go directly to the homeless.Or is a homeless buyout not ok. Or is taking peoples homes and being rewarded for it ok.
    Tyrone Biggs

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