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Second Life’s Second Wind

Forbes – “In what tech pundits at Gartner Research call the curve of hype and gloom, Linden Lab’s virtual world, Second Life, has officially entered the gloom stage.”

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  1. Michael Ryan, CGA
    December 5, 2008 at 5:24 pm #

    Our technology company has been (up to summer 2008) present in Second Life with up to 4 sims owned. We brought a large list of technology into the SL platform and are also, as all reports indicate, disappointed with the results of its current situation. We told the executives their future would be in jeopardy unless they adopt a “new” business model. They did not seem interested in it at all due to their management’s inability to predict their own future. When they announced an increase in the monthly charges for sim ownership (the light sims), there was a total uproar and internal backlash. What is not too widely known is Linden Labs will be increasing the monthly sim charges for their regular sims. They have chosen an unwise path for certain.

    We have developed an alternative to Second Life and asked them to “tag along”, but they have not yet made that decision. The next Second Life (call it New Life for now) will not contain any large costs for sim ownership and monthly charges will be in the range of $9.99 per month, not $295 or $395. There will be no need to maintain the architecture SL currently requires (four personal computers per regular sim). There will be no lag and no limits on “prims”.

    But the management cannot see the future.

    Michael Ryan, B.Sc.,Lic.Acct,CGA,VP
    Magrathean Technologies

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