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Libraries feeling pinch of slumping economy

The Mercury News – “It is not only in Philadelphia, where Mayor Michael Nutter has proposed closing 11 library branches to fill a huge budget gap, that libraries are feeling the pinch of a slumping economy.”

One Response to “Libraries feeling pinch of slumping economy”

  1. Prabhjit Singh
    November 30, 2008 at 3:21 pm #

    I feel strongly that in a bad economy we should always have libraries. As we continue to see an increase in our unemployement rate from 6.5% and it continues to rise – those individuals need to find a place to get educated! For most of those individuals that place is the library. If they go to the library and read their brains out – that would be a positive thing!

    As well, they can usually get free internet usage so they can apply for a job. For most individuals, being at home reduces their productivity and they tend to not get gainfully employed due to it. Having a place such as the library to go to everyday allows them to get active again and try harder to get a job!

    I strongly believe if their is a budget shortfall they need to find how to fund libraries because they are the one way to get people employed once again!

    Prabhjit Singh

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