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Long live the anonymous Annoyed Librarian

Knowbodies – “Being a professional, certified librarian, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out who the AL is – and my first thought was to publish that information here – not out of malice, since I really agree with much of what she says and find much of her writing entertaining, but to generate some traffic for my own blog. Why should a handful of celebrity bloggers hog all the attention? However, after reading some of the pompous, self-important screeds of those who rage rather than chuckle and/or reflect, I realized one commenter was probably right: Once “he” is unmasked it will be like one of the old wrestlers who aren’t so interesting anymore once they’re revealed to be a boring old bald guy. So, my lips are sealed, and long live the Annoyed Librarian.”

I think there is a little bit of the AL in all of us. 

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