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Online Age Verification for Children Brings Privacy Worries – “WHEN it comes to protecting children on the Internet and keeping them safe from predators, law enforcement officials have vocally advocated one approach in particular. They want popular sites, like the social network MySpace, to confirm the identities and ages of minors and then allow the young Web surfers to talk only with other children, or with adults approved by parents.”

One Response to “Online Age Verification for Children Brings Privacy Worries”

  1. shmuel levin
    November 17, 2008 at 1:30 pm #


    Up until recently age verification solutions for minors raise three major concerns:

    • The kinds of publicly available data are indeed not available for minors or are restricted by federal privacy laws.
    • Using schools for confirming the age of minors and for taking the role of digital notary, raises among others, serious privacy concerns and eventually it will also promote marketing or any other kinds of promotional pitches or gimmicks aimed at school age children.
    • Potential abuse by online predators through identity theft.

    Now, for the first time, there is a solution that overcomes all above mentioned short falls; the innovative Biometric age verification system, provided by “VerificAge” (

    • VerificAge’s solution does not use any kind of data base.
    • It does not identify the person himself but rather his age group category; therefore, user’s privacy cannot be jeopardized.
    • The system is based on a “one time” Biometric measurement that can distinguish a child under 14 from an adult in a very high accuracy rate.
    • It can assert user’s age every time he wishes to access a website, content, or he interacts P2P

    It seems that this solution is going to change children surfing culture on the Net

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