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Saying farewell to a long career filled with connection

Larry Benjamin: “It’s also unfortunate that many public officials and employees consider the press as an adversary. They forget that we share the same goal: to serve the public. The newspaper is the watchdog on behalf of the people, the connection between the people and their government. How do you say goodbye? By appreciating the enduring power of that connection.”

These are the last lines of my Uncle Larry’s piece yesterday. He retired after 29 years on the job as an editorial writer for the Asbury Park Press.

Now, Larry starts his second career, whatever that may be (I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last from him). I’m in a similar boat for my blog. I need to move on too. Starting tomorrow, the main content for LS will be different. I’m going to concentrate on what I know best: Law libraries, marketing the law library, and related issues. I hope you like it.

Congrats on the career Larry. I hope that in 29 years, I’ll write a piece like yours on Library Stuff.

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