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Amazon rings up shopping via text-message

Webware – “Amazon TextBuyIt is designed to let mobile device users window-shop, compare prices, and purchase products from Amazon.”

Ah, now I understand why it’s important for library catalogs to be accessible on mobile devices. 😉

One Response to “Amazon rings up shopping via text-message”

  1. Brad Spry
    April 2, 2008 at 2:38 pm #

    If web browser quality on my iPod Touch is indicative of the near future of mobile browsing, it doesn’t make much sense to pay big money for “mobile modules” to library catalogs.

    Amazon is obviously going beyond an “accessible” catalog with their service. You can actually purchase something as well.

    Of course where they’re headed is bar code scanning. Example: You’re in a retail book store and don’t want to pay full price. You scan the book’s bar code with your phone’s camera, and Amazon gives you their price for comparison.

    Japan is way ahead of America on this. Some stores ban the use of camera phones to keep you from comparison shopping online.

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