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Teaching young people to HATE e-books

David Rothman – “A bomb threat at Brooklyn College emptied the library building (photo), preventing me from delivering my talk on E as a bridge: How e-libraries and the right e-book devices could bring nations, socioeconomic classes and generations closer together.”

One Response to “Teaching young people to HATE e-books”

  1. Annie
    March 18, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    What a tease ebook guy! I would have loved to “hear” the speech. As an ebook site intent on delivering e-ffordable reading by hosting independent authors, I mean, I’m already trying to do all that. offers a Children’s book in Spanish and a tween book by a Nigerian author. We only charge $3.99 per book, and uhm, well, we’ve got memoirs for the advanced set(no one’s old anymore) horror for the teens, and kid’s books. Oh, and our reader is free. Think maybe we can be an example at your next engagement, providing, of course, it’s a bomb-threat-free day?

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