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RSS Everywhere

WorldCat Blog – “RSS Readers are great for getting content updates, but the real value of RSS comes in displaying your own content on other pages like your blog or a personal portal page like PageFlakes, NetVibes or iGoogle”

And this is worthy of a blog post? C’mon Worldcat bloggers…

Also, I disagree about the “real value” of RSS. Whatever the application, RSS is about keeping up, either with a reader or a personal portal. Different strokes.

One Response to “RSS Everywhere”

  1. Jeff
    February 26, 2008 at 1:03 pm #

    Not enough libraries are fully utilizing rss in this way. It is great for marketing. I am surprised how many people don’t know or use rss. The same rss content can be pushed to websites so that one does not need a reader. It is more complicated to the average person than you realize.

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