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Dallas staff urges messaging software over filters to monitor library

Dallas Morning News – “A 24-page briefing document prepared by the city staff for the council committee concludes that available pornography-filtering software “will prevent access to the more obvious offensive sites, but … there are still many ways to get around it.”

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One Response to “Dallas staff urges messaging software over filters to monitor library”

    February 12, 2008 at 7:08 am #

    Sending a message to alert librarians will not work. For example, security cameras installed in New Bedford, MA, public library did not stop the rape of a 6 year old feet from his mother because, as the library director admitted, usually nothing happens so no one watched the video displays. See

    Generally, see

    Same for email alerts. EMAIL ALERTS WILL BE IGNORED AND CHILDREN WILL BE HARMED. INTERNET FILTERS ON ALL COMPUTERS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GO. EVEN THE ACLU SAYS THEY ARE OVER 95% EFFECTIVE AND DO NOT BLOCK HEALTH SITES. ACLU v. Gonzales, E.D. Pa., March 2007 [ACLU expert and court agrees Internet filters are about 95% effective and no longer block out breast cancer and other health-related information—so effective that another law, COPA [Children’s Online Protection Act], was found unconstitutional].

    If anyone sees this in the future after their child is raped in a Dallas public library because of the use of this silly email notification system while anything goes in reality, then sue the city for everything it’s worth. The city knows or should know the email system will be a failure by looking at, for just one example, New Bedford, MA, and the failure of its security cameras to prevent child rape, and Dallas was informed of this. There are other reasons as well.

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