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Interesting 1st Circuit Decision

From On Point News, a really cool site that I’m monitoring for new content (no RSS):

“1st Circuit rejects parental rights case against school district accused of indoctrinating elementary school students with books that portray families with parents of the same gender. “There is no free exercise right to be free from any reference in public elementary schools to the existence of families in which the parents are of different gender combinations.” Parker v. Hurley”

Read the full opinion here. More:

“The Parkers object to their child being presented in kindergarten and first grade with two books that portray diverse families, including families in which both parents are of the same gender. The Wirthlins object to a second-grade teacher’s reading to their son’s class a book that depicts and celebrates a gay marriage. The parents do not challenge the use of these books as part of a nondiscrimination curriculum in the public schools, but challenge the school district’s refusal to provide them with prior notice and to allow for exemption from such instruction. They ask for relief until their children are in seventh grade.”

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