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Library 2.0 Debased

John Blyberg – “I’ve been feeling, for awhile now, that the term Library 2.0 has been co-opted by a growing group of libraries, librarians, and particularly vendors to push an agenda of “change” that deflects attention from some very real issues and concerns without really changing anything.”

Um, yeah! I’ve been sayin’ that for a while now. It’s just a word. Just change and forget what you call it. Geez!

One Response to “Library 2.0 Debased”

  1. ellen
    January 19, 2008 at 8:17 am #

    I guess you could compare the labels library 2.0 with nextgen librarians. The profession has always offered innovative services and new librarians have always been on the scene.Are nextgen librarians a subcategory of library 2.0, I wonder? 😀

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