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More Non-Librarians at Library Conferences

Brett Bonfield – “it’s time we use the pulling power of speaking to thousands of librarians (not to mention the larger budgets for the bigger events) to bring in people who are setting the tone for the non-library information community.”

Ellyssa Kroski has put together a dynamite session for CIL 2008 that is filled with professionals outside of the library profession doing really cool stuff. It’s going to blow your mind. Please join us in April.

One Response to “More Non-Librarians at Library Conferences”

  1. Marnie Oakes
    November 15, 2007 at 5:17 pm #

    And librarians might attend conferences of other groups. Many already attend ABA, but what about medical, legal, plumbing, interior design, or any other conference. Someone once suggested that a state library association should forgo its annual conference with the understanding that all members would attend another group’s state conference and report back with the ideas collected. That was long before blogs and wikis which now would make reporting back practical.

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