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Pesky Patrons

Guardienne of the Tomes – “As it was stated in the Billings Gazette: “phasing out services associated with the library as public space” is part of the plan. *sigh* Those pesky patrons again, bothering us in person, when they could just do it via IM so we could work from home in our pjs, with coffee. Besides, everyone knows that the days of library as public space are dead and gone, right? I mean, the New York Public Library, the Louisville Free Public Library and the rest of them are really just making libraries look bad, catering to all these folks in person. How old-fashioned!”

3 Responses to “Pesky Patrons”

  1. Colleen
    October 22, 2007 at 9:06 am #

    It’s true – the more we treat digitization as an excuse not to deal with people, the less friendly the general public becomes to librarians.

    (Thanks for upping my hit-count, Steven!)

  2. Maggie
    October 29, 2007 at 5:40 pm #

    I admit I am ambivalent about the closing to the public, in MSL’s defense, there are very few of their patrons who walk in to the library. Most users are the public, which is not bad, but there is a fantastic public library in town that serves the public with better resources for the public and about 20 more computers. A better study should be done of the state employees, since it is their library, to see how it would impact their work to close the stacks. If it is not a hindrance to them, close the stacks, if it is, leave them open. The closing of the public areas was not planned to avoid patrons, there are so few walk-ins they are actually a welcome change from the usual electronic or phone communications.


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