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There are Friends and There are Non-Meta Friends

Joel Stein – “Until we can build some kind of social network where we can present our true, flawed selves–perhaps some genius can invent something that takes place in a house over dinner with wine–I say we strip down our online communities to just the important parts.” (via)

See also, Ballad in Plain E – “I don’t want to turn into someone who refuses to get with the times–for instance, someone who doesn’t “do” e-mail–but I think this one’s not life or death. I am fortunate to have many good friends and colleagues I enjoy being around, and who for the most part, don’t exclude me because I’m not on facebook. I suspect that this will turn out like Friendster and MySpace (both of which I was a member of). I think the popularity of and problems with social networks sites reflect a cultural shift – one that will be fascinating to watch unfold–regardless of whether I’m on facebook!”


  1. heidi go seek - October 8, 2007

    What the heck is a non-meta friend anyway?…

    Yesterday I came across an article called, You Are Not My Friend, from TIME Magazine. This article bothered me, but it also got me thinking about a lot of different issues of social networking, some related to the article, some……

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