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Heck No, We Won’t Go

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on the decision to cease holds on everything but books – “I don’t think we have to provide better video service than Blockbuster.”

One Response to “Heck No, We Won’t Go”

  1. jan Butchart
    October 4, 2007 at 10:13 am #

    What’s the point of a federated library system if you can’t access all materials at all libraries in the federation? This move will impact the segment of our community that relies on the library–the handicapped , lower income families, the elderly. Not everyone has the mobility or money to either travel the county for items at libraries or to use Blockbuster. Cutting popular services will only reduce library use and lower circulation. With this ill thought out move we are on the edge of that notorious slippery slope that leads to the erosion of the services we deserve for the high taxes we pay.

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