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Library Computer Guy – “[M]y point is that the public element of a public library exposes a public librarian to a wide array of patrons… a somewhat larger statistical skewing toward those with some form of mental illness.” (via)


  1.   Quick Links - Controversial Books and Others - 20 September 2007 by Blogging Librarian - September 20, 2007

    […] – Psychology classes for MLIS?Heehee!!! Well, I encounter the same variety of customers in the public libraries in Singapore. There is an elderly gentleman who thinks he’s a gift from God to the people of Singapore, someone who speaks to himself in the middle of the reference floor … loudly, or someone who leaves anti-China notes on the tables in the public areas together with a related article in TIME magazine. There are many others and I’m sure my other colleagues would have met their own fair share of ‘interesting’ patrons in the libraries. See … a librarian’s job is very interesting … besides being information providers, we are also social workers in providing a listening ear.(via Library Stuff) […]

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    Psychology Job…

    I know!…

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