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The Living Library

Kevin Harris – “The idea of ‘Living Library’ originated in Scandinavia. It’s a scheme that gives direct access to someone else’s experience, by allowing people to ‘borrow’ someone who is an expert in their field, has significant experience to share, or is passionate about a hobby.”


  1.   Quick Links - Library 2.0 and Other Stories - 19 September 2007 by Blogging Librarian - September 18, 2007

    […] – A Living LibraryFrom the technology aspect of libraries, we move to the human aspect of libraries. And I mean human quite literally. A ‘living library’ allows you to ‘borrow’ a person. This person is either a subject expert, has significant experiences to share or an expert hobbyist. The ‘loan’ is usually in the form of a conversation and the loan period can be half an hour, a morning or even the whole day. This concept of ‘living library’ originated in Scandinavia. Hmmm … actually this is good in allowing our senior citizens to share their life experiences to the younger generation. Sort of an interactive history lesson.(via Library Stuff) […]

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