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Help Others Betther Their Lives

This quote apparently appeared in American Libraries (I’m seeing it from a third-party) from Charlotte Glover, a librarian in Alaska – “I’m finding it hard to believe that any youth services librarian has time to serve virtual patrons. For those who have free time, you could mentor a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters, become a reading buddy at a local school, select books for a youth detention center, volunteer at a woefully understaffed school library, raise money for First Book, or read stories at a local women’s shelter. All of these activities would have a greater impact on literacy. They might, in fact, change someone’s life instead of providing just a fun diversion.”

This comes from a wonderful post that puts a lot of what librarians do into perspective. (via)

Lots of questioning of new technologies lately and whether they are useful for libraries. This is a very good thing, whether you agree or disagree.


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