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Junie B. No!

NYT: “The spunky kindergartener (first grader in more recent volumes) is prone to troublemaking, often calls people names and isn’t averse to talking back to her teachers. And though she is the narrator of the stories, she struggles with grammar. Her adverbs lack the suffix “ly”; subject and object pronouns give her problems, as do possessives; she usually isn’t able to conjugate irregular past tense verbs; and words like funnest and beautifuller are the mainstays of her vocabulary.”

We have been reading Hallie Junie B. books and will continue to do so. I’ve noticed the grammar issues, but Hallie is not the one reading the book. I am. To her, it’s just a fun story which entertains her. She’ll have plenty of time to brush up on her grammar later on in school.

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