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Beam Me Up

Roddy MacLeod – “One of the classic lines from Star Trek was when, on seeing new life on a strange planet, Dr McCoy turned to Captain Kirk and said in an ominous tone: ‘It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it.’ I have replaced ‘life’ with ‘RSS’ in the title of this article not merely to catch your eye, but also because I feel that the time has come to change our perspective towards RSS and regard it as something less alien.” (via)


  1. RSS4Lib - July 25, 2007

    ticTOCs: Journal Tables of Contents…

    I read in this week’s FreePint Newsletter about a grant-funded project called “ticTOCs. This a tool to bring journal tables of contents (the TOCs) from multiple publishers to patrons through an interface as simple as ticking off a series of……

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