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Double Bind

There are books that I enjoy and books that cause me to use expletives because they are so damned well written. Double Bind, by Chris Bohjalian was one of those books. I have read a few of his novels (Midwives, Trans-Sister radio), but this one was his best. Hands down.

I’m a sucker for books about mental illness, mainly for personal reasons.

I’m trying to move from one addiction to another, so I might be blogging more about books I’m reading.

4 Responses to “Double Bind”

  1. ao
    July 17, 2007 at 8:36 am #

    I agree – I’ve read all his books but this one was just amazing.

  2. Laura
    July 17, 2007 at 10:55 am #

    Double Bind was the first book I’d read by him, but not the last. I was confused by it in a very good way.

  3. Pat
    July 17, 2007 at 2:42 pm #

    This book was recommened to me by a colleague and I couldn’t put it down. The first by this author I read but I quickly set out to read all and I mean all the others. I’ve blown my mind and Bohjalian is now my favorite author.

  4. ranger
    July 23, 2007 at 10:53 am #

    I checked out this book from our leisure reading collection for my short vacation and stayed up late reading it. I also recommended it to the librarian here who’s going to continue the book club we started this summer. Creepy and fascinating!

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