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Morning Train Readings

Libraries of Alexandria burn all the time“IT IS COMMONLY agreed that the destruction of the ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt was one of the most devastating losses of knowledge in all of civilization. Today, however, the digital information that drives our world and powers our economy is in many ways more susceptible to loss than the papyrus and parchment at Alexandria.”

Fish4Info – We Did It!“After a crazy week of final preparations, we launched last Friday with Release Candidate 1 of the Fish4Info portal. RC1 of this next generation school library portal includes the FISH catalog (a Free Integrated Search Handler) that has been tied in with book reviews, social bookmarking, pathfinders and electronic resources.”

Web Sites Listing Informants Concern Justice Dept.“Federal prosecutors are furious, and the Justice Department has begun urging the federal courts to make fundamental changes in public access to electronic court files by removing all plea agreements from them — whether involving cooperating witnesses or not.”

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