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Twitter at Conferences and More.

Steve Lawson blogs:

"Twitter is also making a big push at South by Southwest Interactive this year. They encourage people at that conference to add sxsw as a friend, and then they can track everyone at the conference. I can see this at a conference like Internet Librarian, where attendees could just Twitter where they are going for dinner or their present location if they want company, or are looking to meet up with friends. Or random stalkers. Whatever."
Heck yes!!  Let’s do this at CIL.  How fun!!

Lots of other questions around about why librarians should care about Twitter.  This is the typical second step with new tech tools.  I don’t have the answer.  I just think it’s fun and very addictive.  I’m sure that there are library applications and they will come to light as more people jump on the wagon, which is the next step after the questions.  Onward…

Update:  David Lee King has some thoughts on Twitter and libraries

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