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RSS Adoption in Law Firms

Fellow law librarian Steve Matthews has a kick butt post on why RSS adoption has been slow in Law Firms.  Read this now!  He concludes:

"I’m still convinced RSS has a lot to offer Lawyers as a personal knowledge tool, and that it is too early to lose faith. Is my patience justified? Who knows. Maybe I’m just remembering the early & mid-90’s when the legal industry had ‘issues’ with the adoption of email and websites. Heck, how many firms were clinging to Wordperfect when the rest of the business world was switching to MS Word? Yes, we are a conservative lot, but given a little time — we do figure it out. Why should RSS adoption being any different?"

I’m starting to get back in the swing of things at my firms (we service many in NYC and Long Island) and want to start doing more with RSS at my firms.  One of this things that I tell librarians is not to force RSS on attorneys, but use it in the library to help attorneys keep up.  This makes the librarian more relevant to the firm and involves is more with the ongoing business development and case management.

Steve, when you get back from vacation (we’re going to DisneyWorld in July!!), let’s talk about this.  I’d love to work with you on this stuff.


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