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My Shared Items

Since Google Reader is making my RSS reading so very easy these days (I really love this thing), I’ve been able to keep up with my shared items as well.  It’s so easy to add a post to it, just hit "Shift-S" while I’m reading from the aggregator.  Suweeeeeet!.

If you’re a Google Reader addict and like the stuff I blog about, why not grab my shared items feed and add it your feeds (really, you can do this in any reader)?  I read Robert Scoble’s shared items and he really helps me to stay current in the tech/geek world.  Very serendipitous.

One suggestion to the Google Reader folks.  Robert shares posts that I am already subscribed to.  Is there a way to get rid of the duplicates?

One Response to “My Shared Items”

  1. CW
    February 25, 2007 at 3:28 pm #

    No idea how to filter out things already subscribed to. Is it even possible?

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