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Poledancing Parties…@ Your Library?

Now this just made my day:

"Now the pole — think ballet barre turned vertical — is the new star at racier versions of Tupperware parties in well-heeled (if high-heeled) areas like this one in the northwest hills of Morris County, about 33 miles from Manhattan. Billed as “femme empowerment,” such at-home pole dancing lessons are taking place in the realm of book clubs, with mothers — and grandmothers — learning slinky moves for girls’ nights in, bachelorette send-offs, even the occasional 60th birthday celebration."
I dare libraries to jump on board.  I mean, it’s all about what your users want, right?  Heh 😉

One Response to “Poledancing Parties…@ Your Library?”

  1. Terri Wilson
    February 26, 2007 at 12:42 pm #

    Reason number 279 why amateurs should not do this. :p

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