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Bloglines Image Wall Redux

Somehow I missed the news of Bloglines Image Wall.  Well, apparently, they got a few complaints.  So, they fixed it:

"[W]e now realize we didn’t take into proper consideration how the Image Wall might impact educators, librarians and other people who have a responsibility for limiting access to adult material. Many of these good folks are users and even advocates of Bloglines. They form a community that we respect and admire. For them, simply making the personal choice not to view the Image Wall after reading the disclaimer is not sufficient to satisfy their obligations to those they are charged with protecting.

These valid concerns place the Image Wall squarely in the middle of the classic tension between "freedom of expression" and "freedom from expression". It’s not a tension unfamiliar to libraries, schools (or, for that matter a search company), as each struggles to strike the right balance between access and restriction.

Over the past week, with the help and advice of many of you, we’ve been working to strike that balance for the Image Wall and the users of Bloglines. We feel we’ve found it."

They’ve moved the image wall to

Librarians and teachers rejoice.  I think.

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