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Prospective College Students Receptive to Electronic Social Networking Recruitment Methods

I just subscribed to a bunch of customized news feeds and I’m seeing really interesting results coming into my aggregator.

For example, this piece discusses a survey on social networking software and college recruitment.

“The study also found that 63 percent of respondents said they would read a blog authored by a faculty member as a way to seek more information about students and faculty at a particular institution. While only 9 percent said they had participated in an online chat on a school Web site, 51 percent said they would if they could. Also, 9 percent of prospective students indicated that they had downloaded a podcast from a college or university, but 54 percent said they would if they had the opportunity.”

Also, 6% of prospective students subscribed to an RSS feed, 94% did not, and 45% “would if they could”.

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