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Save MySpace? – Does Anyone Care?

Peter Cashmore of Mashable fame, blogs about DOPA and the goal of the Save Your Space group to reach 1 Million signatures.

“[W]ith only 3,230 signatures so far, it doesn’t look like they’re going to make it. It seems that the average MySpace user is either oblivious to the legislation, or doesn’t understand it – something we could have predicted from the start.”

Boy, this is nothing like the filtering legislation, when the opposition came out in droves (still didn’t work though). With DOPA, I think that it’s more of an oblivious thing than anything else. Wait and see what happens after DOPA becomes law and libraries have to block access because they want (or need?) federal funding (goodness knows why we even bother with e-rate anymore, but I digress).

Internet users in libraries will go nuts. But will it be too little too late? Maybe.

Although, again, I ask: Where are all of the companies that DOPA will block? Why haven’t they spoken up? I really don’t think they care about access in libraries and schools.

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