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Which Feed to Use

Michael Sauers blogs:

“[T]here’s a move afoot to stop using the terms RSS and ATOM when it comes to presenting this technology to users (look at IE7 and you’ll see what I’m talking about, the word RSS doesn’t appear anywhere,) and just stick to the term ‘feed’. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Take a look at your blog/site. Are you offering more than one version of the exact same feed? If so, I’d strongly suggest you think about getting rid of all but one of them. Your users will thank you.”

I dunno. I think people have heard of “RSS” more than “Feed” Why add yet another term, which is something Michael wants us to do, right?

I do agree with Michael that we need to “KISS” RSS. Most aggregators support all forms of syndication and there is probably no reason to have more than one format displayed (unless there’s a podcast involved).

We’ve been through this over and over. It’s really old news, but something that we need to look at from time to time in order to keep our heads on straight. Thank you Michael for keeping it real, honest, and blogging passionately.

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