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All Rise! RSS is Now in Session

Ok, that title doesn’t make much sense.

Gary Price has the suweeeeeet news that the 7th Circuit Court now has an RSS feed for their recent opinions AND audio feeds for their court oral arguments.

From the announcement:

“I think having the briefs and arguments up on the Web makes for a much better-educated bar,” said Circuit Executive Collins Fitzpatrick. “They can listen to arguments, and see what happens. They can be better prepared.”

“When compared to other circuits, the Seventh Circuit may be out front when it comes to the acces-sibility of opinions and arguments, but they are not alone. Most courts of appeals make audio files of oral arguments available to the public. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Federal Circuit make audio files of oral arguments available in MP3 format. The Ninth Circuit posts audio files of arguments on its Web site. (The Second and Ninth Circuits also permit camera coverage of their proceedings.) The D.C., First, Second, Fourth, and Sixth Circuits all provide audio files on a CD upon request.”

I think we take RSS for granted these days, what with the rise of the social software movement and all of the 2.0 tools. RSS makes all of that stuff work better, as it enables us to keep up with the ties that bind us together.

The legal community and the court system was a late entry into RSS land, but they are kicking butt now. Let’s get every court offering feeds and podcasts.

Maybe I’ll put together an OPML of the courts that do this already….nah. Not enough time in the day. It’ll go on the “someday” list.

One more thing. Give me search capabilities for these opinions please! Full text search, across PDF’s, then RSS’d.

Go 7th Circuit!!!

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