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More Librar* Blogs

Ah, what the heck. We’ll start off the week with yet more librar* blogs. If I haven’t highlighted your librar* blog yet, send me a not (stevenmcohen [at] and I’ll be sure to get it in on the next run. And if you want to see my running list, I’m tagging new blogs as I find them or as they are sent to me.

+ Sheri in the Library“I am currently enrolled in the Master’s program of School Library Media Studies at the University of Northern Iowa and plan to graduate in the spring of 2007.”

+ QQ*librarian“The Reading Life”

+ IRC World“ircworld is a team blog of nearly 180 information resource centers (IRCs), libraries and American centers located at U.S.embassies and consulates in more than 140 countries. These information centers are a vital component of the U.S. government’s public diplomacy effort, and provide foreign audiences around the world with authoritative and up-to-date information about U.S.foreign policy, government, legislation, domestic issues, and society and values. IRCs also serve an important function in providing information support services to embassy and consulate staff, and in managing embassy/consulate websites.”

+ Chesbonim“Librarian, traveller, myth-maker, technologist, quadruple Pisces…”

+ Schenizzle“Cataloger, cyclist, parent, recovering gamer, occasional hacker.”

+ OPAChyderm“The idea is to talk about technology in libraries. Not only how much it usually sucks, but what we can do about it. Why it’s like that. What the bottlenecks are. I’m new to the world of libraries, and the relationship between libraries, the internet as an information repository, ubiquitous technology, and the existing culture of librarianship is freakin’ fascinating. So we’ll cover some of that stuff here.”

+ Multitype Librarian“Working with all types of libraries in a multitype consortium of over 200 libraries in southeastern Minnesota. Indeed, any library may be asked by its customers to provide the service of an academic, public, special, or school library. Thus – we are all Multitype Librarians.”

+ Jois des livres“Recent library school graduate who has had the pleasure of working in the library field for over 20 years, the last 15 years in special collections and archives. I have always felt that I *belonged* in libraries and think it is the best way to spend time and actually get paid for it.”

+ The (Ultimate) Librarian“2 truths and a lie: 1) i play ultimate frisbee 2) i am a taurus 3) i’m an mlis student at the university of washington”

+ Law Library Letter“View summaries for recently decided Wyoming Supreme Court opinions and Wyoming State Law Library information: announcements, how-to tips, and services.” (via lis.dom)

+ Jag söker job“I started this blog when I was looking for my first permanent position out of grad school. Now that I’ve landed one, I think I’ll just leave the title as is.” (via lis.dom)

+ Tiffany Norris

+ Audiophile Librarian“The purpose of this blog will be to present and discuss those topics pertinent to music libraries and their future. I have yet to find a blog dedicated to music librarianship and I hope to create a worthwhile addition to the blogosphere with this website. I am a recent graduate of Dominican University and have recently relocated to Philadelphia where I work as a Music Librarian.”

+ Southwest Iowa Library Service Area – News and Views (via Travelin’ Librarian)

+ Punk Rock Library“The blog of a library school student carefully traversing the digital divide, exploring the WWW 2.0, and bringing the old-fashioned values of the library profession to the new electronic age.”

+ Library Mouse“Eep!”

+ The unLibrarian

+ Crazy Quilts“I’m an African American female librarian hoping to improve the literacy of urban students.”

+ Gather No Dust“This blog is intended to document the success and failures of a Library Manager”

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