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LibraryCrunch Does Good….Very Good!

When I first heard about Michael Casey’s LibraryCrunch and the term he coined, I was a bit…confused. The domain was an obvious spin off of TechCrunch, and the coined term and obvious spin off of Web 2.0. At that time, my mind was basically in the gutter professionaly and I didn’t take a good look at what he was trying to accomplish. Slowly, I’ve come to the conclusion that Michael Casey is going to go down as a legend in the profession, moving it forward to boundaries unseen before.

Move 7 months ahead to last week after the gang at O’Reilly made their “clusterfsck”. With the apparent prodding of Walt Crawford, although I assume that Michael would have done this anyway (I really don’t know – just an assumption), he announced:

“I have always considered the term “Library 2.0”, used alone or in combinations such as “Library 2.0 Conference”, to be in the public domain, usable by anyone, and not subject to trademark or service mark registration.”

This should not be taken by us as a pragmatic offering. This statement sets librarianship apart from many other professions. O’Reilly called their lawyers first and Casey acted first out of the sheer goodness of moving his cause forward. What an amazing thing to do. It’s non-corporate thinking, eerily collaborating with the Enron folk being charged guilty by a jury of their peers. It was the right move and I have the utmost respect for Michael Casey and the charge of our colleagues to move to the next generation of librarianship.

I have never publicly apologized to Michael Casey for any problems that I may have caused with my terrible rants about something that I truly didn’t understand and research first. Michael, you should know that my past statements of your theories do not reflect my true passion and love for librarianship (Take a look at the 6 year archives of my blog). I hope to meet you one day (It seems our paths will inevitably cross at Internet Librarian) and toast your accomplishments over a bottle of Pinot Noir.

Thank you Michael Casey.

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