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Quotes from May 12th, 2006

Well, some are from the past month…

Mike Yamamoto on the decision against the .xxx domain: “No matter what the technology is called or how it’s designed, pornography will always find its way to unauthorized computer screens.”

Tris Hussey on IM: “I absolutely could not, would not (not even in a tree or a plane or a box) live without IM. Not only is it my connector to friends, but it’s also a huge asset and connector for work.”

Marshall Kirkpatrick on the new blog from the LAPD: “All of this raises the question – if these new social media are about conversation, typically unfiltered – can a centralized, authority-based organization like a police department really make much of these tools? If they can, is there any type of organization out there that just should not be blogging or podcasting?”Whew! It’s a good thing libraries aren’t ‘centralized, authority-based organization[s]’ anymore, eh?

Thomas Vanderwal on tagging and popuarity: “The tag cloud is what gets noticed on pages, but most people think (or any other tool or service that uses tag clouds) is fully represented by the tag cloud. That is a huge problem as is a very broad tool, but a quick look at what is in a tag cloud or the new items on the front page has users thinking it is a very narrowly focussed social bookmarking tool that mostly attracts people with technical and web interests.”

Scott Allen on blog carnivals: “I got overwhelmed trying to keep up with the dozens and dozens of good blogs out there, and just setting up search feeds on keywords wasn’t giving me a good variety. Blog carnivals, though, give you a very concise view of some of the best of the blogosphere on various topics.”

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