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Borrow Me – Are Libraries Not The Only Ones in the Lending Business?

Here’s an interesting concept. A central place where people from all over the world can borrow stuff from other people, based on any parameters (Trust networks, neighborhood affiliations, etc) that the individual user wants. This is what BorrowMe wants to do. The funny thing is that we already do this. We borrow books from friends, an egg from the next door neighbor, a screwdriver from our uncles. Humans are and always will be borrowers.

This is, in fact, what makes libraries so great. We lend items and when you are done or (and here’s the kicker), when we TELL you you are done, you bring it back. And, there is a trust factor involved on behalf of the library, but not 100%. See, we need collateral. Give us your name and address and we’ll let you have some stuff. There is a limit though. Only 5 books per subject. Only 4 videos. Only one video game.

BorrowMe lets the user establish their lending policies. I’ll bet that, once this project gets off the ground, there will be less stringent rules set by users. The more trust that the lender has in people that have borrowed stuff, the less nutty their rules will be.come Do libraries do this? Do we reward patrons for bringing back their materials on time? Why not? Maybe we should… (BorrowMe link via

2 Responses to “Borrow Me – Are Libraries Not The Only Ones in the Lending Business?”

  1. Jordan
    February 21, 2007 at 7:53 pm #

    BorrowMe seems to have suspended operations but you may want to check out

    It’s similar but open (friends don’t need to register to see your items), simpler, faster, and free (no credits).

  2. adam berk
    June 12, 2007 at 9:53 am #

    neighborrow is another choice…

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