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Librarian in Black is Writing a Book…Yay!

Sarah Houghton is writing a book (well, she’s “doing research for a book”, so a contract or publisher may not be finalized), and is looking for some assistance. She blogs:

“I am beginning research for a book about technology training for library staff, specifically about creating, implementing, and maintaining a set of technology core competencies for library staff in all positions.”

“I am looking for libraries (public, academic, school, law, special, local/state/national associations) who would be willing to share their lists of competencies and possibly the process by which these were created. I have found several on the open web, but I suspect that many of these competencies live on intranets or other passworded sites.”

“If you can point me to any competencies that you know of, either on the open web (in case I missed some) or on your intranet (perhaps simply giving me a text-only version of the competencies) I would much appreciate it. Either leave a comment here, or contact me via e-mail or IM (contact info at top of page).”

Let’s see. There’s a slew of library bloggers writing books these days. Meredith Farkes is composing one on social software; Michael Stephens is putting together a piece for ALA Techsource on a similar topic (or it seems to be, as Michael has written about it on his blog a bit) on what could amount as a book length project; Marydee O’jala and I are putting the finishing touches on our book on event blogging; Chrystie Hill and I are just beginning our work on libraries building communities; now Sarah enters the fray.

How lovely. Let’s not forget past books as well. Walt Crawford has written a ton; Michael Stephens has had a book published on technlology training; I could go on, but you get the picture. I know of many bloggers who have been approached by publishing companies to write books. So, the trend continues. If you have a succesful blog, the odds of being asked to write a book seems to be pretty high.

Have we made it? I think so.

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