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Edgeio and Libraries

News from Edgeio:

“We have started to send invitation codes to people who have requested notification of the service launch on If you’ve entered your email address, an invitation code will probably be coming soon.”

I received one and started playing with it.  I immediately saw an application for libraries.

Edgeio allows bloggers to sell items on their blogs, without having to go to a third-party like Ebay.  Enter library catalogs.  Instead of weeding books from the catalog that you were going to sell at a book sale, post the book information to a blog (make sure to use Structured Blogging) and tag it as “listing”.  This way, Edgeio will index the content.

There must be a way to automatically post the book information to a blog entry when a book is weeded from the online catalog (I’m not a programmer, but I play one on T.V.). The book is then physically placed on the “for sale” cart.  So, books are sold online and at the physical library, the content is not only syndicated for Edgeio, but for other engines like PubSub, and the library can make a bit more money for weeded books.

What am I missing?

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