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The Smog of Data? To Each His/Her Own

Rochelle Mazar comments on the IO article from the Chronicle of Higher Education that has made the rounds in the blog world this week:

“[I]f you find you are too distracted by media to get any thinking done, unplug yourself and stop blaming technology for your inactivity. You always have that option. But please don’t presume that those of us who prefer to remain plugged in are somehow less capable of contemplation than you are. Some of us are built by the sum of our communications, pushed to further and deeper thought by interaction with others. The ‘smog of data’ for some is the sweet smell of inspiration to others.”

Great quote.

While I don’t believe in “Information Overload”, I have been paying attention to what is being said about it. I’ve also been blogging about it alot during the past week. The reason behind this is simple: Even though I don’t believe in IO (I don’t), most librarians do (empirical statement – I have no studies to back this up – I talk to a lot of librarians), which means that I have to read about it. I also focus on keeping current alot in my presentations. Thus, I have to know what is being said about IO.

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