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Technorati’s Got Tags

Technorati has just initiated flickr,, and “blogging” tags into their search results, with a neat layout. For those that use Blogger (like me), if you want to tag your items, you have to futz around with your coding, plus you have to ping Technorati manually. Eww.

Now, Blogger does have its shortcomings, I’ll admit that. No trackback, it only pings, and it’s server is slow during peak periods. Yet, it is the easiest software to learn and I’m not giving up on it. So, my “Eww” is partially my issue, but don’t you think that there can be a better idea to grab contextual data from my blog without having me to “tag” it? I’m tagging my feeds (and where is Furl during all of this?), and flickr, I now have to worry about this. Too much work. There needs to be a way for Technorati to contextually scrape my content.

I’m just sayin’.

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