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Seattle Public Library? You Have Been RSSified!!

Fiona from Blisspix sent over this great news from SPL:

“The Seattle Public Library will replace its more than 20-year-old computer catalog with a new system called “Horizon” that will be implemented Wednesday, Feb. 23.”

With the new Horizon system, patrons will notice a number of improvements, including…RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Just as Web sites now offer RSS as a means to provide updated information without having to “visit” the site, the Horizon RSS feature allows search feeds (new titles from your favorite author) or a listing of “items out” to be incorporated into new readers (My Yahoo! Or Bloglines).”

Hip Hip Hooray! Congrats to SPL, Dynix, and (most of all), all those librarians that have been pushing RSS on the vendors. We’ve only just begun…

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